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Posted by SupemloemTGOC - March 26th, 2018

Alright. So,


I’ve got a lot of stuff I need to say in this post. The first, and most important information I need to get out there is I DID NOT take down Bee Simulator because of criticism.


Bee Simulator is very complicated; not in the way people first look at it in, but what lies deeper within it. Bee Simulator was a mess, PURPOSELY made bad with Scratch. Bee Simulator, as you may have guessed by the description, was not a kids game. Once you play through it even more, it started to get more creepy and disturbing. Unfortunately, people’s boredom got the best of them, and no one that I’d seen play the game had gotten far enough.


Bee Simulator was a part of something bigger. I’m currently working on another project, and the game was a teaser.


I took it down because I realized some things, one being that I haven’t gotten the full story completely laid out yet. Another is that this horrible looking game would serve as a bad example of what to expect. This project I’m working on is going to be big, and it’s going to be good. Trust me.


Again, I did not take down the game because people hated it. Honestly, I did think people would say bad things about it in its early stages, because, I mean, look at it. It’s terrible. At the time I realized the things in the paragraph above, one person did discover a secret, and I acted accordingly, releasing information about the series in the form of a cryptic code thing for people to find out.


In the meantime, I’m working on this project. This kinda acts as an announcement for it, so here you go. I’m making something. In conclusion, Bee Simulator is gone lol. Not because of criticism, just because I’m not ready to release this project.


Also, have another code while you’re at it. Decode it and you’ll win a verbal congratulations.


Or something.




Thanks for reading.